Hotel information for Conference Participants



Our Conference will be taking place in Collegium Maius, which is conveniently located in the Old Town of Toruń and ensures easy access to hotels as well as restaurants and tourist attractions. All of the hotels below are located within easy walking distance of the venue.


You are also invited to use the university hotel, which offers single rooms from 100 and 120 PLN (25 / 30 EUR, breakfast included), and which is located at ul. Szosa Chełmińska 83a. Unfortunately, it is further from the conference venue (although still at walking distance, approx. 20 minutes; there is a direct bus connection to the town centre; the bus stop is located opposite the hotel) and there is no online booking form in English available. For more information you can consult the university website (in Polish)  or contact the staff at


Available hotels, most with English-language websites and Internet registration enabled, include:

Ibis Budget Hotel, located at Ks Jerzego Popieluszki 2a, with prices from 59 PLN / 14 EUR per night. You may need to have / open an account on the website to make a booking.


***Hotel Gotyk, located at Piekary 20. Prices from 180 PLN / 43 EUR per night, breakfast included.


***Heban Hotel, located at Małe Garbary 7. Prices from 165 PLN /40 EUR per night, breakfast not included.


***Petit Fleur, located at Piekary 25. Prices from 190 PLN/48 EUR per night, breakfast and supper included.


****Copernicus Hotel, located at Bulwar Filadelfijski 11. Prices from 400 PLN / 100 EUR for a single room.




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